Frank Changwork

Out, Out, Brief Candle!

A mummiform candle represents cinema, the afterlife, and the archaeologist's descent into darkness.

The Pyramids Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Representations of Egypt rest on a foundation of Greek misrepresentation.

Meteorum Aegyptius

An artist's recreation of an extraterrestrial encounter that shaped Ancient Egypt.

Oil Bunkering: An Inventory of Actions

A performance about oil bunkering in the Niger Delta.

Juice Bar projects

An effort to upend the consistency and predictability of the majority of our capitalist/service transactions.

Amazon–Mojave Collaborative Site Investigation (CSI)

An “archaeological” group activity exploring the power of narrative in history- and myth-making.

Amazon River Transplant

A pipeline to bring freshwater from the Amazon to Las Vegas carries an unexpected residue.

Post-Transplant Anomalies

A compound and conflicting reality is authored as a result of the Amazon River Transplant.

Post-Transplant Convergence

Impossible histories are created by the convergence of time and site after the Amazon River Transplant.

Ideological Construction: Segment of a Pipeline

The Amazon River Transplant pipeline is made from stories of the American West.

Permit Protest

A giant-sized Washington D.C. protest permit asks whether permitted speech is really free speech.

Splitting Jack London's Cabin

Gordon Matta-Clark's famous operation applied to a new site.

Walden Blackout

Looking at Thoreau's Walden again. And again and again and again.

Desert Paraklausithyron

A desert, a locked door, an underground river.

Recycling Richard Long: Gallery Walls Circle

The concept of recycling is applied to an old Land Art problem: the gallery-site-artwork relatonship.

Appalachian Export

A reconstruction of a mountain near Marthatown, West Virginia, whose summit was levelled from mountaintop removal mining.