Frank Changwork

Las Vegas has been called a city of the future, growing out of the desert with reckless momentum. But Vegas, like many American cities, is in desperate need of water. In contrast, the Amazon has been called a time machine, a place trapped in an era before civilization. And no landscape on Earth is more permeated by water than the Amazon River Basin.

This ongoing body of work is based around a "modest proposal" to supply Las Vegas with water from the Amazon River. However, this central conceit also imagines that resources are bound to both their land and their history. An unexpected, hybrid reality is created when water and local history from the Amazon is blended with Vegas and the American Southwest. The works comprising Amazon River Transplant explore humankind's dipole fantasies of mastery over the land and reverence for an unspoiled paradise.

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exhibition at Sea & Space Explorations

Amazon River Transplant

water, pumps, tubing, wood, rainforest flora, desert flora, books, informational binders

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installation after three weeks

image of artmork