Frank Changwork

Amazon–Mojave Collaborative Site Investigation (CSI) was a lecture and collaborative activity to discuss and chart the power of literature, travel, wealth, and romance in shaping narrative history, using the sites of the Amazon River Transplant as a case study. Books, printed documents, internet sources, anecdotal knowledge, and found objects were presented as artefacts, and assimilated onto a wall-sized piece of paper, emphasizing collage and juxtaposition to reinvent and interpret their meaning. The “CSI” acronym is a reference to the case boards that detectives would create on CSI and similar police procedurals in order to help them perceive the convoluted relationships within a case. Presented at the Center for Integrated Media, CalArts, 2009.

Amazon River Transplant: NOTEBOOK
is a related project for online journal ViralNet. It is a collection of the people, places, and ideas behind the Amazon River Transplant body of work.
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Amazon–Mojave Collaborative Site Investigation (CSI)

lecture and collaborative activity

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