Amazon River Transplant: NOTEBOOK is part of the ‘Home and Garden’ issue of the online journal VIRALNET.

This project was curated by Chris Bassett and Tom Leeser, and generously sponsored by VIRALNET.

In addition, this project would not have been possible without the sage advice and expertise of the following talented people. Thank you, thank you!

Chris Bassett

Jacob Tonski

David Elliott

Peter Lu

Elizabeth Casteen

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About the project

Amazon River Transplant is an ongoing body of work by artist Frank Chang. It is a “modest proposal” for supplying the city of Las Vegas with water from the Amazon River. Las Vegas, and the entire southwest region, is perennially among the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S., greatly exceeding the capabilities of nearby Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. In contrast, the Amazon River is by far the world's largest river, accounting for one-fifth of all the freshwater entering Earth's oceans. Amazon River Transplant is an inquiry into the effects of a 5,000-mile pipeline that carries not only water, but also local history and landscape from one site to the other.

What is the notebook?

The Notebook is a free-form and visual way to explore some of the concepts and contrasts embodied in the Amazon River Transplant project. It is both a record of the ideas behind the exhibition at Sea & Space Explorations in Los Angeles, as well as a working "notebook" for a continuing body of work. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to read the full entry. Each entry highlights a concept, work, person, or location important to the project. Reload the page to reshuffle the order.