Governors Island Residency

At Rest and In Motion was a collaborative residency project with Andrea Kastner investigating the fascinating history of Governors Island.

The island’s stunning views—of NY Harbor, lower Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty—were the starting point from which we explored its history and possible futures. Surveying and looking became a through line for our project, and we followed this trail through the island’s history—from cannon defense lines, to beachfront officers’ homes, the industrial sublime, and even ghost sightings.

At the time of our residency, Governors Island was once again at a crossroads, as there was much speculation over the extent to which private capital would be allowed to develop the island (plans for the New York Climate Exchange had not been announced yet). So our installation incorporated both factual and speculative narratives and visual references from a number of sources, including artworks about Governors Island, site visits and building architecture, historical signage, biographies and other written accounts, and conversations with New Yorkers who grew up on the island.

At Rest and In Motion (in collaboration with Andrea Kastner)
Mixed media installation in Building 408B, Colonels’ Row, Governors Island
Dimensions variable